ice cream sandwiches and being thankful

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Okay so maybe sometimes things don’t go the way we want them to. Whether it is a recipe for disaster or something you know that will bear no future, I guess there are things a plenty that we can at least be thankful for.

Life works in the weirdest of ways. As I grow older by the minute, I find myself letting go of the smallest things that used to bug me so often. I try to think less of what makes me sad and hey, I’m actually moving on. The bridge has begun to be built, and I’m trying to cross it.

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So what am I thankful for?

I’m thankful for the sun, for it is nature’s prozac and it makes me happy, no matter how blistery it may be on the skin. Sometimes I embrace the heat at noon. If a friend wishes to head to the park to rollerblade in the scorching sun, I’m there.

I love food. And I’m thankful for the friendly elderly man not giving up on his stir fried hokkien noodles by the corner nearby. Extra chilli, please.

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I’m thankful for how weddings here do not use real wedding cakes anymore. I cannot seem to forget how bad that wedding cake tasted at this Mexican wedding I attended. Why the hell was I there uninvited? Oh yes. That. Never mind, moving on……

I’m thankful for my appendix removed. Hey, without that useless bag of whatnot, I can race ya, and beat ya, without throwing up, after a full course meal. Anyone up for the challenge?

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I cannot begin to describe how thankful I am for friendship. Not your typical “hey, it’s been so long, let’s meet for coffee. Say, next week?”. And…nothing. Well, to a certain bunch of people: You guys rock. xoxo

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To round things up, you can never be too grateful for the existence of cookies and ice cream. Enough cookies and cream, how about ice cream sandwiches instead? Remember going to Disneyland and you begged your mom so hard for that Mickey Mouse ice cream sandwich? That probably went for $5 a pop. Oh well, Disneyland is practically history in my case. Now, I can only look forward to more sun, edible wedding cakes, and a month’s supply of ice cream sandwiches in my freezer.

Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwiches

I make my own cookies and ice cream. But to keep it simple, buy your favorite vanilla ice cream and any mix-in. Grab a box of chewy chocolate chip cookies. The rest is history as you know it.

A tip worth mentioning, let your ice cream soften a bit, spread it out in a baking pan couple of inches deep, and refreeze. Once harden again, use a round cookie cutter to cut circles out. Make sure they match the size of your cookies.

Did that sound a bit too troublesome for you? If you are less of an OCD unlike some, simply go for the rustic look, as how I like to call it.

Enjoy, everyone. (:


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