best chocolate chip and nut cookies

Nothing good happens after 2am? Nothing good happens after alcohol. You’re happy for a moment, then things start to go wrong.

When I drink alcohol with a straw, it brings out the worst in me. This one night, when I downed a few cups of contreau lime sodas, word vomit was what happened. I began bitching about my friends, whining about work, and doing just the impossible. I got mad at the waiter for not understanding me, and I bitched about the air conditioning. Nothing was right for me it seemed.

It was funny how I could see straight, walk straight, and yet how my thoughts lost track of themselves. I couldn’t sleep that night. When the alcohol started to wear off in the morning, it all started to come back to me. I never felt so foolish in my entire life. I made a fool of myself in front of friends and strangers, and embarrassed my friends as well.

I ever told myself never to get myself drunk. But I did. I didn’t even realize I was till the next day.

I guess alcohol is more than just social lubricant. It brought out the bitch in me. It creates friction.

This year has been an emotional roller coaster. I have never dealt with so much shit in my life. Despite everything, I have always tried to ignore it and to stay strong. No one has any idea how hard it actually is. And because of it all, I have turned into this person I’m not familiar with. I wish I could be myself again, undo the flaws, and just be happy. It’s so tiring to have your heart burdened by so many things.

Sorry, I just needed to rant.


4 thoughts on “best chocolate chip and nut cookies

  1. Its good to rant once in a while Well, if those friends were honestly offended then I guess they really aren’t? I mean, its good to let it out and if your friends cant understand it or be understanding then they aren’t real friends? I dunno… But at least you were in a safe environment.. Don’t worry I’m sure the friend you embarrassed didn’t take any offence…

    Also, trust me I’ve had it worse this year. Being diagnosed with an illness I last expected, surviving a crazy emotional rollercoaster of a breakup and still trying to stay cheery and being positive is superbly hard, so I should know how it feels. If you feel burdened by so many things, share it with your close friends and I’m sure they can help in some way. I know that being a light bulb can be a little annoying, but share the fun moments and the pain you’re experiencing with friends who are there for you no matter what. Real friends won’t judge.

    Back to the cookies, I tried doing the same recipe as yours but added some caramel to the mix and a used dark chocolate instead, you could try that as an alternative too! Thanks for the recipe! Any suggestions for getting hardier cookies?

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