Pancakes and…Bree!

Pancakes pancakes pancakes. They’re just about my favorite breakfast (besides cinnamon rolls) of all times. When I’m sugar high, I think pancakes. When I’m sick of cereal, I think pancakes. When I’m… Okay, I think you fairly got the picture.

While pancakes make a sweet breakfast (pun so intended), work in the morning can make breakfast a heck of a rush and thus, less enjoyable. Sometimes not at all. And resorting to pancake box mixes at the grocery store doesn’t do justice to what most of us earn. I guess the point I’m attempting to make is, why loosen the purse strings when you can maximise the use of the several ingredients you need? Take a fraction of it and create your own pancake dry mix.

In the morning, when you’re feeling sweet in the tooth for breakfast, simply grab your eggs, butter and milk, and dump them all into your dry mixture.

Something sweeter than pancakes to talk about.

In short, my friend, R, had the idea of creating a blogazine (blog magazine) for 20-something women. It’s for the young, but the young at heart too. And guys, you’re totally welcome. We are no feminists, but aim to blog with a feminine touch to it. We are a work in progress. From food to beauty to how-tos, we hope to raise ourselves to another platform each week. We just started so pardon the lack of content. Do visit us though, read what we’ve got to say about the what-nots in life, and if you’ll like, subscribe to us!

On a side note, are you feeling like pancakes now? Even if you aren’t, make a jar of pancake mix to set aside. You never know when you’ll crave of these delicious buggers.

To lure you into our site, I have recently blogged the recipe on Bree. Yep, Bree’s the name.

Long story short, I hope you like the recipe, and I hope you like Bree.

Cheers. Here’s to everyone and more pancakes for future breakfasts to come.


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