unadulterated chocolate chip cookies

Cookies are one of the best desserts around, as far as I know. They make fantastic ice cream sandwiches, and a perfect late night snack accompanied by a cold glass of milk. I’m a huge fan of cookies, can you tell? I’d always remember the Mickey Mouse sandwiches from Disneyland. And I will never forget the embarrassing number of pounds I gained from all those trips to the bakery in Santa Cruz. Prices were cut for day-old cookies. Certainly a bargain that’s as irresistible as a popsicle at the peak of summer.

I used to be highly addicted to Famous Amos chocolate chip cookies. Oh, the smell, of nuts, chocolate, and copious amounts of butter. With a jar of those to myself, my day would never falter. Well, almost. Then there were those Marks and Spencer cookies. Toffee cookies coated with rich, dark chocolate. I was always on a lookout for a sale. One piece was never enough. Well, is dessert ever enough?

I can’t believe I have to thank Subway for getting me hooked onto soft and chewy cookies. Neither can I believe how crazy I was over their tuna sandwiches. I mean, come on. In any case, my favorites were chocolate chip, and white chocolate. I thought those were good, till I explored baking. Nonetheless, the recipe I’m sharing today is of the soft and chewy sort. But of course, you can always bake them longer, for a firmer texture.

Does the movie Ratatouille ring a bell? Do you remember what chef Gusteau said, “anyone can cook”? Well, I know that anyone can make cookies. Unless you are a calorie counter or health freak, which I’m very sorry to hear, you will enjoy these. Thoroughly, in fact. While they may require a long night to ‘marinade’, I’ll have you know that they will be devoured in a heartbeat. Take a block of your favorite baking chocolate, and chop up your own chunks. Chocolate chips are designed to resist melting, and hence aren’t as wonderful as huge melty chunks of unadulterated chocolate. Obviously. It’s cheaper too, to cut your chunks than to buy sachets of chocolate chips all the time. What do you prefer? Convenience? Or something to appreciate in a long run? I think you know the answer.

At the end of a long day, it’s nice to know that a jar of these will be waiting for you on the counter. These are the best chocolate chip cookies, by far. The nuts add a nice textural crunch, and random big chunks of dark chocolate are well, just amazing. Rough around the edges, but a beauty inside, these cookies are beyond delicious.


6 thoughts on “unadulterated chocolate chip cookies

  1. When I saw the first picture I immediately recognized them as David Lebovitz’s cookies from Room for Dessert. I love that book, just made a cookie and ice cream recipe from it. I’ve been eyeing this chocolate chip cookie recipe for a while and I’m glad to hear they are fantastic. I noticed how he mentioned the famous Jacque Torres chocolate chip cookies in the little blurb before that recipe, have you tried that recipe out yet? I’d love to do a comparison of the two cookies. 🙂 Anyway, great photographs and looks like a lovely recipe!

    • I haven’t tried the Jacque Torres recipe. Would love to, though! It’ll be interesting to know what cake flour and bread flour can do together. (: Thanks for your compliment, too! I hope you enjoy this recipe, which I’m sure you will.

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  3. I bookmarked this recipe quite some time ago and just came across it while I sifted through my “Chocolate Chip Cookie” bookmarks. If you don’t keep it in the fridge for more than an hour or so, or even shove it in the freezer, can you get a good result. I wanted some tonight! 😉

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