Welcome to Taiwan!

What is your favorite food in the world?

I think I have concluded mine. Nothing in my book beats the brilliance of Chinese fare (no offense, people). Every bite envelops you with an explosion of flavor and history. I have tasted foods from the chaotic streets of Egypt to the hilly roads in San Francisco. But never have I enjoyed food so thoroughly, than when I was in the hustle and bustle of Taipei City.

Taiwan is an amazing country. I loved every bit of it. Best of all, their night markets. This is where you should go if you want to immerse in their wide array of delicious street snacks. If you want to experience the most authentic of the authentics, try their smelly tofu. Don’t know where? Your nose might just do the job. Don’t forget to bring tons of breath mints though. If not, don’t fret. Bad breath might just come in handy with the insane crowd.


If you are at the Shilin night market, look out for this lady. She might be the friendliest person I’ve met on this trip. What she sells are these balls of deep fried milk custards. Plus, they are pretty cheap; NT20 for 3 balls.

It’s pretty easy (and cheap) to travel out of the city by public transport. If you have the chance, try going to Keelung, a fishing port on North Eastern Taipei. One of its highlights is the Miao Kou Night Market (Miao means temple). I came across this bean curd stall (3 Brothers bean curd) and had the most amazing thing. Bean curd and fen yuan, something similar to the tapioca balls in your bubble tea, except that these have red beans in them. One word, delicious.

look out for this stall. and see those yellow stuff? Best lotus seeds, ever. (as said by my mom)

If you are looking for something weird out of novelty, take a look at the Modern Toilet Restaurant. Your seats are toilet bowls, your tables are tubs and your food is served in toilet bowls. It may sound really gross and all, but right there, it actually isn’t.

this is gigantic enough for 2 persons, and it’s only NT100
It would be nice to return to Taiwan during the Fall, when the country isn’t so parched. As for now, I can only dream of it.

12 thoughts on “Welcome to Taiwan!

  1. I LOVE this post! I take pictures of food when I travel as well! There are so many fascinating places that I will never get to go to so I have to settle for reading about 'em 🙂

  2. I am in Taipei as well! I am actually going to ShiLin today so I will look out for those places :)@Rick, I want to go to that toilet restaurant too!

  3. I know very little about Chinese food, but I love looking at your pretty pictures. Everything looks so exotic to me. HOpe you get a chance to go back and enjoy it again soon.*kisses* HH

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